Losing weight with a personalized diet has never been easier

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Take advantage of the New Year’s incentive to achieve your goals. Taking care of yourself, eating healthy and losing those extra pounds is easier with a personalized diet prepared by nutrition experts. In addition, online nutrition consultations can now be carried out via mobile phone, tablet and computer, allowing you to adapt to any rhythm of life.

It should be borne in mind that a personal diet is aimed at achieving and maintaining our goals, forming part of our lifestyle. For this reason, you should avoid miracle diets that promise quick weight loss. We tell you about the failures of this type of plan, the importance of nutritionists and what online consultations with dieticians consist of.

Why crash diets fail

It is a misconception that “dieting” is about eating too little and leaving too much food, such as carbohydrates. “The acquisition of healthy habits must be maintained over time, without restrictions, precisely because in this way it will be easier not to give up new and healthy habits” .

In addition, these crash diets have other characteristics that make them impossible to maintain in the long term, such as:

  • Restricting calories too much. They propose a daily diet of less than a thousand calories per day. Over time it becomes very difficult to maintain this calorie restriction. Another mistake is that they focus too much on that number of calories and forget about the nutritional value. For this reason, our specialist warns that “if it is maintained over time, it is easy for the patient to suffer from nutritional deficiencies”.
  • prohibitive. They generally don’t allow you to consume certain foods with a bad reputation, such as bread, rice or pasta, without having a reason to do so. This can lead to a bad relationship with food.
  • qualitative. This type of diet does not take into account the characteristics of each person or his diseases. Keep in mind that a diet tailored to your personal situation will be easier to incorporate into your lifestyle. In this regard, the expert adds that “daily commitments and complex schedules do not help. That is why it is necessary to insist that the goals must be perfectly proportional to the tasks”.
  • The risk of a rebound effect and other consequences. In the event that this highly restrictive diet is abandoned, there is a risk of regaining all the weight lost due to the rebound effect, and the specialist adds: “This type of diet has a high probability of a rebound effect, it poses the risk of suffering from eating disorders and eating behavior and is an open door to profit intrusion and fraud.”
  • Dietary guidelines not included. These miracle diets do not provide guidelines or recommendations for long-term healthy eating and a good relationship with food.
  • There is no professional advice. If your goal is to take care of your diet to feel better and look better, you need tools and strategies to incorporate it into your routine. The best way to achieve this is to consult nutrition experts, who evaluate each case and provide the necessary guidelines for a healthy diet.

How to start eating healthy

First of all, note the changes you would like to make in your diet, explains the specialist: “First, we’ll have to decide which aspects of our diet need to be improved, then figure out how to prioritize, and get started With no more than one or two goals a day, to record our progress.

It is necessary to choose Realistic, measurable and progressive goalsLike eating a piece of fruit in the morning. Later, to keep it over time, our specialist recommends keeping records, comparing progress and setting the next goals depending on the results.

On the other hand, it is advisable to get the support of other people who have the same goals to maintain motivation. And if you are accompanied by a dietitian, it will be much easier for you to incorporate healthy eating into your lifestyle. In this sense, the nutritionist adds, “changing habits requires learning, acquiring new actions in our hands, and, In the event that you need support, consulting a food professional will enhance this stage of change.“.

Advantages of a personalized diet by nutritionists

Putting yourself in good hands can make the difference between success and failure. And it is that going to consult a nutritionist facilitates the beginning of the new diet and its incorporation into our lifestyle.

Specifically, the diet prepared by a dietician is characterized by:

  • Analysis of personal status as well as preferences and tastes
  • Take into account previously diagnosed diseases
  • Identify possible failures that were committed in previous diets
  • To set goals
  • Organizing and planning priorities
  • Prepare an appropriate nutritional plan for each person
  • resolve doubts
  • intraoperative stimulation
  • Teaching guidelines and recommendations for the future

Online Nutritionists: Wherever you want, whenever you want

The rhythm of life, lack of time and daily commitments make us postpone that moment of starting a good diet. One way to start making a dietary change comfortably is to do online nutrition counseling through your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

How to do online nutrition counseling

The steps are very simple:

  1. You choose the diet plan that works for you. You can choose between the basic 4-week plan or the 8-week premium plan. The main differences are that on the premium plan, you’ll be able to do two video consultations instead of one, and you’ll also get a diet change after four weeks.
  2. The dietitian will contact you via video call on the day of your choosing. To achieve goals, the diet must adapt to you. For this reason, before drawing up a nutritional plan, a video consultation with a nutritionist takes place on the date you specify. In this online consultation, the expert will ask you about your personal situation, goals, tastes and preferences, allergies, intolerances, or diseases, as well as other information of importance to tailoring a personalized diet.
  3. Start a new diet. Within a maximum period of 24 hours, the dietitian will prepare a personalized meal plan, which will be available on the Quirónsalud patient portal. So you can access from anywhere you want.
  4. You solve your doubts directly with a nutritionist every week. Through the chat, the specialist will ask you how you feel with the new diet, what your progress is and answer your questions about the plan.
  5. Once you’ve finalized the plan, we want to know how you find change. The final step is a nutritional assessment by our professionals. In it they will include recommendations so that you can continue to eat a healthy and balanced diet and, if necessary, they will indicate whether you should extend the plan.

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