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Forspoken, the new RPG from Square Enix, is already among us with an open world and magical abilities. Find out what’s interesting and what isn’t, right here!

Forspoken is the latest title from Luminous Productions, the studio Square Enix brought us Final Fantasy XV back in 2016. The group is now introducing a new IP that leaves aside the company’s flagship saga, and instead of offering Dragon Kingdom Fantasy Triangle Octopath Questoffers us an adventure that has more to do with it Doctrine killer Or more PlayStation exclusives than anything else. These are our impressions after playing it on PS5.

Forspoken, right off the bat, It is a third-person open-world action game with two gameplay axes: one, parkour-style scrolling and two, combat packed with magical powers. In the game, we control Frywhich has nothing to do with it game of thrones (Thankfully) is a girl from New York who, when her apartment is set on fire and a series of strange things happen to her, finds herself transported into a world Athea. There he connects with a sensitive gauntlet that gives him magical powers that will be the basis of your abilities during the game.

After spending the first minutes of the game and telling you the idea, you will be quickly released into the open world where you will have to move between dots with the marker to perform activities such as “Kill X amount of bugs”And “Fast Travel Point Unlock”And “Get a weapon X upgrade” In doing so, you get valuable experience points that allow you to improve your skills. To get from one point to another, you will be able to move Parkour which visually resembles capabilities Noctis in ffxv intersect with mirror edge: the system is to push the button Parkour They are activated while you are moving at high speed from one point to another and avoiding obstacles.

The other relevant part of the game is the combat: this is where you can tell they’ve given their all in a very interesting system where you can switch between four fighting styles. This includes different ways to cast damage spells, each with its own magic support system for doing area powers. Thus, you will have to dedicate yourself to moving around the map, collecting enemies, and eliminating them with valuable big attacks. Of course – beyond the visual spectacle, the game is very easy and more interesting than skill, especially if you play it on Medium.

Forspoken, while it’s fun on paper with its mix of Assassin’s Creed/Infamous/PlayStation exclusives with the open world, it suffers from an odd semitone that makes the plot not resonate very much. The big draw, I think, is the relationship between Fry and his gauntlets who are constantly talking while you’re doing things and trying to impress Cop’s buddybut a lot of the time it feels like they don’t have a good connection and they kind of fight with each other – something that was already evident from the demo with comments like “Can you make them beat you less?”. This is still the case throughout the entire game, and sometimes it’s hard to get hung up minute by minute on what’s going on.

The other aspect that doesn’t help much is that the world of Athena, although this parallel world with a different culture of people trying to survive the strange corruption of humanity’s last bastion, doesn’t give you much money. Reason for wanting to save it. NPCs treat you badly, and as a result, Fry sometimes seems like she’d rather be in a rut Starbucks Who saved these people – something that loudly demonstrates many times. This takes away the urgency of the story because instead of saving people you’d rather keep unlocking the little dots on the map, which is very relaxing and fun because you kill Bugs And you become more power.

The thinness of the main story is a terrible flaw because the truth is that the powers you unlock are great and fight with bosses It is full of adrenaline. Many recent times you will have to put in a unlocked Aim while dodging spells and changing patterns to overcome weaknesses. The dodge button is a miracle because the area attacks are massive and dodging just in time to counterattack while the enemy finishes a power throw leads to the feeling of empowerment that is the core of the game. It’s a shame you have to go past past story moments to access these sequences, which is something that shouldn’t happen in a single player game.

Forspoken has a controversial technical department. For example, the graphics are very good, but the art style is somewhat devoid of backgrounds, and a world divided into four areas that have no personality. Yes, the FPS is pretty solid on the PS5, but they don’t really show you anything impressive or scenic. In fact, you will see a lot of stones and trees and not much else. To make a crude comparison, Ghost of Tsushima He was very popular in the world of Athena. On the other hand, the sound isn’t very well tuned either and we advise you to use your hand so the ambient sound and music don’t cover up the dialogue, which feels like a very easy mess to sort out.

In conclusion

There is nothing wrong with Forspoken except for a thousand omitted details. The game is very similar to the other titles. If you like Assassin’s Creed or PlayStation exclusives, and want combat with a nice twist, you’re in for an experience that’s entertaining but not an unforgettable one. The point is, Square Enix seems to have miscalculated its audience. A girl with a lot of ranged attacks fights impossible creatures of incredible sizes in an open world that she explores to improve her abilities and help her inhabitants. Do you think we are half Forspoken? Because we were actually half of Horizon Forbidden West. Perhaps this title has more value on a platform where players don’t have the same access to this kind of single-player experience: this game had to be released for Xbox, and that would be something else.

release date January 24, 2023
Developer Luminous Productions
distributor Square Enix
platforms PlayStation 5, PC

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