The Hispanics are working on completing the Handball World Cup to go to the semi-finals against Denmark

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The Spanish men’s handball team secured an epic ticket to the semi-finals of the 2023 World Cup after eliminating Norway (34-35) in two stretches on Wednesday. At Ergo Square in Gdansk (Poland)now dated with Denmark to continue the medal streak.

Those of Jordi Ribera are a guarantee of success at the international level, They beat a dramatic cross against Norway who took their revenge on elimination in the previous World Cup and also in Tokyo 2020 at the hands of the Spaniards. Spain showed character, quality and the hero gene from generation to generation to win a handball monument that was saved by Dani Dogshebaev at the last second to force the first extra time, and that Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas slotted in at the end.

From the beginning it was clear that the key to the medals would be expensive but in the details and Relentless fight, the text became one of Hitchcock’s scripts. Spain was always on edge, from the poor start to the exchange of goals that never faltered in Norway. Losing seven meters can be expensive, as can the effectiveness of the Scandinavian Wings.

Spain held their own with the Dogchibayev brothers, Gonzalo’s catches, 8/8 from Ángel Fernandez, and Canelas and Figueras’ blows too.. In addition, Ribera followed the script and adjusted the defense to 5:1 and forward attack with two pivots that paid off. Norway owned the game but expected to possess the last 19 seconds. The referees, who had to please and annoy everyone, changed hands with the ball five seconds before the end and the Dogshebaev made it 25-25.

Not even that setback separated the Norwegians from the party and the fight. Between suspended accounts and a growing team, the world runner-up in 2017 and 2019 shrunk from start to finish. Bjornsen was most effective in the first half, While Spain entrusted Alex Dogchibayev to correct a difficult start. Bergerode did his homework under the sticks and the notice came from Ribera (6-2).

Spain defeated Norway and won passage to the semi-finals of the Handball World Cup.
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Cañellas entered as disgust and Gonzalo also began to stop the equalizer in the first half Spain worked When he managed to defend and run. The appeal brought that game with two pivotal “Hispanics” without being able to break the game in moving to the ERGO Arena in Gdansk after two high-profile stages. Once again the goalkeeper’s brilliance prevented an escape, with Bjornsen being lethal.

The Spanish failures at seven meters were indeed decisive In a bad time drought, such as the tournament’s only defeat against France. Alex Dogshebaev broke the deadlock but the Norwegian shovel put Spain on edge. The exclusion of the Song became a resurrection by the Scandinavian passive.

The fight between Sagosen, O’Sullivan, Alex and Makueda, defenses at the border and goals without a net, Spain had the option to win in the first extra time, With Gonzalo warned of what’s to come. Neither Ribera’s team finished nor excelled at the beginning of the second extension, but the contribution to the attack did not stop. A wonderful goal from Danny Dogshebaev served the option that, with a save on a trip to Barthold, signed the Toledo goalkeeper for posterity.

data sheet

Norway: Bergerud (P), Saeveras (P), Sagosen (3), O’Sullivan (4), Aga Eck, Barthold (8), Overjordet, Overby (2), Toft, Bjornsen (9), Gullerud (1), Johansen , Reinkind (3), Jolliksen, Grondal (2), Bloons and Appelvik Road (2).

Spain: Corrales (P), Pérez de Vargas (P), Guardiola, A.Fernández (8), Solé (3), Cañellas (5), A.Dujshebaev (7), D.Dujshebaev (5), Maqueda, Casado, Figueras (5), Pecina, Odriozola (1), Sánchez-Migallón, Serdio (1), Garciandia and D. Fernández.

Split every five minutes: 2-0, 6-2, 7-4, 8-7, 12-11, 13-12 – Rest -, 16-15, 17-17, 19-20, 22-22, 24-24, 25-25 – overtime – 27-27, 29-29 – overtime – 32-21, 34-35.

the reviewer: Boyan, David (English as a Second Language).

wing: ERGO Arena in Gdansk.

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