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Madrid, 01/25/23. the Catalonia Cultural Foundation Presented the IMPULSA CULTURA seal within the framework of the conference “How to add value to your company: corporate cultural responsibility” held yesterday at the headquarters of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, in Madrid, which brought together important representatives from the world of the company. During the event, organized by the Foundation jointly with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, led by the Director of the Foundation, Maite Esteve, there was also a round table with the participation of directors from Iberia, MAPFRE, DKV, Damm and the Chamber. Trade in Cantabria.

Minister of Culture and Sports, Mikel Eseta The event concluded with a word of thanks to the Fundació Catalunya Cultura and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce for adapting this initiative because it is very important that companies understand the value of culture and that citizens know the commitment of companies to culture. Having a seal that guarantees excellence for a company committed to the cultural sectors is very positive.”

The conference was opened by the President of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Jose Luis Bonnetwho explained that “Realizing that culture carries values ​​and will be so and its great transformative power, companies are increasingly involved in cultural promotion in its broadest sense, either by financing projects or directly managing cultural activities.”

For his part, the CEO of the Fluidra Foundation and the Catalonia Cultural Foundation said, Eloy planesHe stressed that one of the Foundation’s lines of action is to broaden the base of companies that support the cultural world: “In this sense, we have created incentive tools for companies such as the Impulsa Cultura Seal that we are presenting today.” .”

In the second part of the conference, a dialogue was held by the General Director of the Chamber of Commerce of Cantabria, Jesus Tortosa, in which the participants exchanged ideas on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance Corporate Strategies), CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and the value of a company’s intangible assets. In this meeting, Gemma Junca, Iberia Brand and Marketing Director participated; Julio Domingo, Managing Director, MAPFRE Foundation; David Camps, Head of Social Innovation at DKV; and Ramon Ajinjo, Director of Damm and Vice President of the Damm Foundation.

What does the IMPULSA CULTURA corporate seal contribute to?

Created in 2019 by Fundació Catalunya Cultura in collaboration with the Head of Social Responsibility and Sustainability of the University of Girona, this distinction aims to strengthen the position of those companies committed to a long-term impact economy that goes further. beyond the economic benefit.

To date, 17 companies have received the IMPULSA CULTURA seal, which provides them with:

prestige. The only European seal of excellence and recognition in support of culture.

Pride Corporate Membership. Attracting and retaining talent.

Strategic positioning by being an agent of change in society while advocating for sustainable development.

Company vision on a national scale.

Statement of non-financial information. Content of value to the company that holds it.

A company that has a seal is an agent of change in society with a call for sustainable development.

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